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Your baby, Your choice

Through our hypnobirthing classes and ongoing support our aim is to give you the pregnancy, birth and family experience you dream of.

Calm Beginnings provides support for you as an individual, couple, and family during every stage of your child's development, from hypnobirthing through to weaning and beyond.

We are qualified professionals with a combined 20 years of experience working with families.

We offer group hypnobirthing in Welwyn Garden City and offer individual classes throughout Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Essex in the comfort of your own home, or at Herts Therapy Centre, Welwyn Garden City.


So does hypnobirthing actually work?

Well you have probably read about Kate's hypnobirthing experience, or at least heard of it, and you may have read or heard anecdotal stories about the amazing births experienced by those taking hypnobirthing classes, there will still be some of you who need actual clinical proof. We are awaiting the result of the SHIP trial which ended in 2013, but there have been many studies over the years that hughlight the benefits of hypnobirthing. I have summerised some below some of the research out there. There is of course a whole lot more, and I continue to eagerly await the results of the SHIP trial.

So firstly lets consider length of labour. My first labour was long and tiring, my second quick and calm. Second labour are generally shorter than first, and everyone labours at their own rate. However in 1990 Harmon,Hynan & Tyre (1990) found that first time mothers using hypn...

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